LegalSifter Growth Capital

In October 2020, Legalsifter announced funding from Cypress Growth Capital, in which Quaker Capital Investments participated in the equity portion of the side-by-side. Legalsifter has built a SaaS platform that provides AI insights to organizations, law firms, or anybody who reviews legal text. They are a leader in machine-learning and natural language processing for the … More LegalSifter Growth Capital

Quaker Capital Investments LLC partners with West Allen Capital to acquire The Ruscoe Co.

On August 31, 2020, the family office of Quaker Capital Investments LLC, in partnership with West Allen Capital, closed on the acquisition of The Ruscoe Company. Founded by William J. Ruscoe in 1946, The Ruscoe Company is a manufacturer and packager of adhesives and sealants based in Akron, Ohio. The company, entering its 75th year … More Quaker Capital Investments LLC partners with West Allen Capital to acquire The Ruscoe Co.

Gridwise Series Seed

Gridwise closed a $3.29 million seed round with participation from Switch VC and Quaker Capital Investments, LLC. Gridwise creates software for rideshare drivers that increase their earnings by suggesting when and where to drive. We are impressed by the growth of their rider base, their paid conversion rate and future data licensing opportunities. This will … More Gridwise Series Seed

Maven Machines Series A

Maven Machines has closed $7 million in a Series A fundraise led by Allos Ventures, with participation from Quaker Capital Investments, LLC. Since our first investment in 2015 Maven has made great progress in the fleet management industry, signing comprehensive service deals with large trucking companies. We believe they will continue to disrupt this large … More Maven Machines Series A

2020 Vision

As we begin a new decade, the primary theme for financial markets remains interest rate suppression.   Global developed world central banks continue to purchase government securities of their own country(there is some peculiar circularity to this monetary experiment), thereby lowering interest rates on their own government debt.  While this policy may have the positive impact … More 2020 Vision

Financial markets 8.67 years into the bull market

We distinctly remember the date, March 6, 2009.   The S&P 500 index traded down to 666 as the financial markets attempted to find a bottom following the collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008.  Developed world central banks responded to the weakness in financial markets with unprecedented ZIRP (zero interest rate policies) and, in … More Financial markets 8.67 years into the bull market


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